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Online course for baby’s motor development
Ideal for infants from 0-12 months old
Based on 71 ratings

Nurture your baby’s motor skills from day one

Your baby deserves the best start in life, and your guidance now matters more than ever. Empower yourself with expert insight into your baby's motor skill development and give them the strongest foundation for a healthy future during the crucial first 12 months.underline
97,5% would recommend Baby Movers Course to a friend
My course has helped 841+ parents enhance
their baby's motor skills. Join them now!
I'm a mother of two active little treasures (a 3-month old and a 5-year old), a certified baby motor skill development instructor, and a licensed IAIM baby massage trainer.

My passion lies in helping parents like yourself unlock the full motor skill potential of their little ones through expert guidance and proven techniques.

During the years of practice, I've noticed many parents don't exercise with their babies at all, which inspired me to create a video course.

In this Baby Movers course, I've poured all my knowledge and experience to help you safely develop your baby's motor skills early on.

But, why is it so important to exercise with your baby early on?

The first year of your baby's life is absolutely critical for their motor and cognitive development.

Research shows that babies who engage in movement exercises early on exhibit better coordination, concentration, memory, and motor skills as they grow.

But it's not just about starting early; it's about providing the right movement stimulation and support to ensure your baby thrives.

As a parent, it's also crucial to know what exercises and techniques to avoid, as some can be harmful to your baby's development.
Discover the additional benefits your baby will get from regular exercise
Check Improved Motor Skills result from engaging in physical activities, leading to enhanced coordination, agility, and self-confidence.
Check Enhanced Brain Development occurs as exercise uniquely stimulates the baby's brain, fostering new neural pathways.
Check Better Sleep Patterns are achieved as regular exercise leads to steadier and more restful sleep for your baby.
Check A Stronger Parent-Child Bond is formed by creating a closer emotional connection through physical activities.

What exactly will you learn in this video course?

In this comprehensive video course, you'll learn practical ways to help develop your baby's motor skills with fun exercises that both you and your baby will love to do!

In addition, you will also get easy-to-follow tips for your baby's mental growth, simple techniques for handling your baby, and recommendations for essential accessories.
The course is divided into four age-specific modules, ensuring the content is relevant to your baby's current developmental stage.

Infant Foundations: Nurturing Early Movement

Module 1 · 8 Exercises
Focuses on building motor skills in infants 0-3 months. Key exercises support muscle development and coordination, essential for early physical growth.
  • Proper Baby Holding
    Enhances bonding and ensures your baby's comfort and spinal support.
  • Safely Lifting and Lowering Your Baby
    Builds trust and teaches safe, comforting handling techniques.
  • Turning onto the Tummy
    Strengthens neck and shoulder muscles, paving the way for crawling.
  • Turning onto the Back
    Encourages independence and motor skill development from an early age.
  • Bringing Knees to the Chest & Rotating
    Aids digestion and strengthens abdominal muscles through gentle exercise.
  • Floor Swing
    Promotes balance and coordination in a playful, engaging way.
  • Diagonal Arm and Leg Lift
    Stimulates brain development and sensory awareness through cross-body coordination.
  • 🎁 BONUS: Tummy Time with Head Turning
    Strengthens neck muscles and encourages head control for future milestones.

Baby's First Movements: Discovering Motion and Balance

Module 2 · 8 Exercises
Ages 3-6 months, this module boosts muscle strength, coordination, and sensory awareness, setting the stage for more complex motor skills.
  • Fosters early crawling skills by teaching balance and body awareness.
  • Encouraging the Lifting of Arms and Legs
    Enhances body awareness and muscle strength in a playful interaction.
  • Higher, more active Tummy Time
    Builds upper body strength and fosters curiosity about the surrounding world.
  • Pushing off with hands over our leg
    Introduces the concept of arm support and movement, preparing for crawling.
  • Encouraging Pivoting
    Develops muscle strength and brain coordination, essential for exploring and navigating.
  • Side sitting with support
    Builds core strength and balance, preparing for independent sitting and mobility.
  • Balance from one hand to the other
    Enhances arm strength and weight shifting, crucial for coordination and crawling.
  • 🎁 BONUS: Learning to fall
    Teaches safety and confidence by learning to catch themselves, reducing the risk of injury.

Crawling Curiosity: Adventures in Mobility

Module 3 · 8 Exercises
For 6-9 month-olds, it encourages crawling and exploration, strengthening limbs and coordination, and stimulating interaction with the environment.
  • All-Fours Position Over Our Legs
    Prepares for crawling by building balance and muscle coordination in a supportive environment.
  • Hand Support on the Floor
    Encourages independence and exploration through arm strength and core stability.
  • Balance on Hands on the Floor Left and Right
    Improves coordination and brain development through weight shifting and balance.
  • Kneeling with Support
    Strengthens leg muscles and prepares for the transition to standing and walking.
  • Enhances flexibility and core strength, laying the groundwork for stable, independent sitting.
  • All-Fours Position on the Floor
    Encourages adventurous movement and exploration, fostering curiosity and mobility.
  • From All-Fours to Side Sit
    Develops flexibility and muscle control for smooth transitions between movements.
  • 🎁 BONUS: Swing
    A fun way to give your baby a head start on balance and help them feel the joy of movement.

Tiny Steps to Giant Leaps: Mastering Movement

Module 4 · 8 Exercises
Designed for 9-12 months, this module aids the transition from crawling to walking, focusing on balance, coordination, and strength for first independent steps.
  • Side Sit from One Side to the Other
    Improves balance and agility, encouraging dynamic sitting and movement exploration.
  • Correct Standing Up with Support
    Strengthens legs and promotes proper posture for safe and confident standing.
  • From Kneeling to Standing Position
    Encourages balance and coordination, key for walking and independent movement.
  • Proper Descent from an Obstacle
    Teaches safe navigation and descent, fostering awareness and preventing falls.
  • Picking Up from the Ground
    Builds independence and physical coordination through controlled squatting and standing.
  • Standing on One Leg and Then the Other
    Enhances balance and core strength, preparing for the complexities of walking.
  • Walking with Support
    Fosters walking skills and confidence, supporting the thrilling journey towards independent steps.
  • 🎁 BONUS: Catching Balance While Sitting
    Strengthens core muscles and balance, crucial for safe and playful exploration.
In this course, you'll discover ways to encourage your little one's motor skill development and establish a solid base for their future progress.

As they grow, engaging your baby in movement activities will improve their coordination, attention, memory, and overall motor skills.
By choosing my online course, you're not only giving your baby a solid foundation in movement but also taking the first step on a nurturing journey towards a bright childhood.

Let's begin this nurturing journey 🫶 together

Baby Movers course is your opportunity to make a real difference in your child's early development. I will guide you and your baby in unlocking their full motor skill potential, because your baby deserves nothing other than the best.

Get access to the Baby Movers course and join the thriving community of proactive parents today!
Based on 71 ratings
My course has helped 841+ parents greatly enhance their baby's motor skills. Join them!
"Taja's role as an instructor goes beyond just the ordinary. She is phenomenal, and her calming energy has a soothing effect that instills confidence and sets the atmosphere for a pleasant learning experience.

Even while handling the delicate task of guiding my baby's motor development, Taja's approach made me feel at ease, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the course content.

Since my baby and I began this journey,I have witnessed a remarkable transformation. My baby's motor skills have improved exponentially, a testament to the effectiveness of the course and Taja's expertise. We can't help but look forward to each new lesson, knowing that we are on the right path to achieving optimal motor development."
Sarah M., 34 years
Mom of a happier, more active baby

Why is an online course even betterunderline than face-to-face consulting?

While I strongly recommend face-to-face consulting, having access to an online course is sometimes even better for parents.
Drawbacks of Face-to-face Consultig 😰
  • Time and Location Constraints: Requires commuting to a specific location at set times, disrupting your daily schedule.
  • Seeing the Exercise Once: Exercises are shown only once or twice, offering minimal opportunity for repetition and mastery.
  • High Cost: A single hour session costs over $200, and a minimum of 10 sessions is typically needed.
  • No Refund Policy:There is no option for a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
Benefits of an Online Video Course 🥰
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Exercise with your baby at any time and place that suits you, without the hassle of commuting.
  • Unlimited Access: Revisit and rewatch any specific exercise as many times as needed, ensuring thorough understanding and practice.
  • Cost-Effective: The entire course, featuring 24 exercises, is available at half the cost of a single hour of in-person consulting.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Offers peace of mind with the option to receive a refund if the course does not meet your expectations.
During my last 8.5 years of face-to-face practice, I have seen numerous parents forget how to execute a particular exercise properly. This is where the value of an online video course truly shines. With this course, you can revisit specific exercises whenever you need a refresher, allowing you to confidently guide your baby through each new milestone.
Furthermore, an online course allows you and your baby to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. This provides you with greater flexibility and convenience, which you deserve as a new mother.

Empower your partnerunderline to bond with your baby from day one

However, this course is not made just for mothers, but also for busy fathers eager to actively engage in their baby's development.

With flexible expert guidance, your husband can now nurture your little one's growth without the time constraints of traditional face-to-face consulting.

Recent research highlights the importance of early father involvement in a child's development, fostering emotional security and stronger family bonds.

Join 841+ 👨‍👩‍👦 proactive parents today and unlock your baby's full motor skill potential

My expert guidance and practical exercises will help you support your baby's physical and mental growth, building a foundation for their long-term success.

With over 32 movement exercises, you'll have access to the tools and knowledge you need to guide your baby through each developmental stage with confidence.

Get access to the Baby Movers course and join the thriving community of proactive parents today!
97.7% would recommend Baby Movers Course to a friend


Based on 71 ratings
"I was amazed at how much I learned from this course. Your teaching is top-notch, making hard ideas simple. The class covered every part of a baby's motor skills, giving a full picture of this important time. It's so helpful having the class online, letting me look back at exercises whenever needed. This class has been more than just learning, it's been a guiding star for me as a new parent. Thank you for everything."
Rachel P., 35 years
Mom of a more coordinated toddler

Who am I, and why should you trust me?

I'm Taja, a mother of two and a professional instructor of baby motor skill development and certified IAIM massage therapist. For the last 8.5 years, I've dedicated my life to helping parents understand their babies' motor development and providing them with the necessary knowledge to foster their growth in the most effective way possible.

Through my extensive experience of over 2100 hours working with babies and parents, I've learned exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to nurturing a baby's motor skills.
My passion for this work is driven by a desire to empower parents, grandparents, and caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure their babies have the strongest foundation for a healthy future.

I hold a Baby Functional Movement certificate and have attended seminars and workshops with a neurophysiologist, allowing me to incorporate the latest scientific research into my teaching.

With my comprehensive video course, I am bringing all my expertise to you in the comfort of your own home.
Taja's course has been a huge turning point for me and my baby. The course is well-planned and clear, easy to follow and understand. Taja's advice is always spot-on, showing her deep understanding and dedication to baby growth.

Her peaceful style, along with her friendly nature, made the course a pleasant journey. After finishing the course, I couldn't help but suggest it to all my new parent friends, knowing it can greatly help them and their babies.
Maria B., 34 years
Mom of a more balanced and agile baby

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I'm confident in the superb quality of my course and want you to feel secure in your investment. That's why I offer a 14-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied within 14 days of purchase, simply email me and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

From 0-3 months

Mastering the Tummy position

8 video lectures, 56 minutes of content, lifetime access, 14-day money back guarantee


From 3-6 months

Achieving Lateral Sitting

8 video lectures, 60 minutes of content, lifetime access, 14-day money back guarantee


From 6-9 months

Progressing to Teething

8 video lectures, 64 minutes of content, lifetime access, 14-day money back guarantee


From 9-12 months

Walking Independently

8 video lectures, 63 minutes of content, lifetime access, 14-day money back guarantee